In English, 5th December 2017., Tuesday

Chairman of the day: Felsmann Balázs, elnök, Magyar Energiakereskedők Szövetsége

 Strategy, competition and transformation in energetics

Chairman’s Opening and energy position riport

Key note about the domestic energy strategy

  • The target system of National Energy Strategy, the tools aiding to achieve the goal
  • Priority of the package “Clean energy for every European”
  • The current situation of the renewable energy’s utilization, its purpose in Europe and in Hungary, the effect of Winter Package
  • Role of atom energy

Lecturer: Horváth Zoltán, főosztályvezető, Energiagazdálkodási és Bányászati Főosztály, Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium

Energy transition: the Hungarian and regional effects of the transforming electricity system

Lecturer: Lehőcz Balázs Gábor, vezérigazgató, igazgatóság elnöke, Dunamenti Erőmű Zrt.

10.30 Coffee break

Initiation of project Paks II.

  • Report, domestic and international relations

Lecturer: dr. Aszódi Attila, a Paksi Atomerőmű kapacitásának fenntartásáért felelős államtitkár

Strategy of MVM, energy developments

Lecturer: Fekete Csaba, szabályozó kapcsolatok igazgató, MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt.

System control challenges, system development and - building plans, actuality of Network Codes

Lecturer is under proposal

Question of competitiveness in the domestic energy sector

  • Competitiveness depending of  success and its own market
  • Importance of energetic and other infrastructures
  • European infrastructural situation and challenges
  • Energy policy; EU vs. Hungary
  • Production and practice of domestic renewable energy
  • The Hungarian energy policy and reality

Lecturer: Holoda Attila, ügyvezető igazgató, Aurora Energy Kft.

13.00 Lunch & Test driving

 Energy trading perspectives and anomalies

REMIT actualities and presentation of market monitoring report

Lecturers: Csermely Ágnes, főosztályvezető és Rajkai Szonja, főosztályvezető-helyettes, Piacfelügyeleti és ellenőrzési főosztály, Magyar Energetikai és Közmű-szabályozási Hivatal

HUPX, HUDEX – The operation of the Hungarian spot and the derivative energy market

  • A HUPX Intraday market’s growing liquidity and its future goals
  • A HUPX Day-ahead market’s results and perspectives
  • Implementation of MiFID II regulation – establishment and operation of HUDEX Zrt.

Lecturer: Tóth Péter, vezérigazgató, HUPX Zrt.

15.20 Coffee break & Test driving

2017 or the year of anomalies in power trade

  • Is it better with REMIT or without?
  • Market coupling only (less than) half a success
  • The balcanic “collector “ and all its advantage and disadvantage: HUPX
  • Illogical “trade-off” amongst price shaping facts
  • Importance of hydrology and meteorology

Lecturer: Turai József, Director of Trading Power, L-NRG Zrt.

The growing of wholesale prices and the effect of its volatility on the retail market

  • How has the wholesale price of electricity been changed recently?
  • Where did the trending price drop of the past couple of years led on the retail market?
  • What problems do the traders have to face in today’s price environment?
  • What challenges does the current price level mean from the customers’ point of view?
  • How do the wholesale price trends affect the supply methodology and the products?

Lecturer: Hiezl Tamás, ügyvezető, CEZ Magyarország Kft.

17.00 End of the first day, 6th December 2017., Wednesday

Support and utilization of renewable energy, the city and transport of the future

The regulation and support of future energetic, and the current updates and effect of the Winter Package

Lecturer: drGrabner Péter, energetikáért felelős elnökhelyettes, Magyar Energetikai és Közmű-szabályozási Hivatal

Strategy of NKM (National Utilities Ltd.)

Lecturer: Alkér Zoltán, infrastruktúra vezérigazgató-helyettes, NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt.

Renewable energy in transport: Electric car strategy of Nissan

  • Spread of electric cars in Hungary and in Europe
  • Characteristics of electric cars
  • Innovative technologies, transformation of car industry
  • Utilization of batteries in energy management
  • V2G or virtual power plant

Lecturer: Reizer Levente, elektromos autó és elektromos autó infrastruktúra menedzser, NISSAN Sales CEE Kft.

10.40 Coffee break & Test driving

The alternatives of domestic market model of e-mobility infrastructure

  • Competitive market or tariff market?
  • Market participants, their roles, their risks
  • Roaming supplier – clearing house – integrator
  • Home charging: Will it be ESZ or not?

Lecturer: Hornai Gábor, kereskedelmi tanácsadó, MVM Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt.

On the way to emission free transportation through hybridization

Lecturer: Mercedes-Benz Hungária Kft. képviselője

The actualities and effect of initiation of new METAR regulation

  • Renewable situation
  • Where are we at now, how much is the given small PV under the 0,5 MW, how much of it becomes real?
  • The launch of big METAR, its operation, financial support
  • Brown premium
  • METÁR/KÁT expected costs
  • How much will the METAR move the renewable energy production and the green investments further in the future?
  • Regulation and energy storing questions and solutions regarding KÁT-solar cell boom

Lecturer: Tóth Tamás, főosztályvezető, Elemzési és Statisztikai Főosztály, Magyar Energetikai és Közmű-szabályozási Hivatal

12.50 Lunch & Test driving

The energetic developments in connection with smart cities

Lecturer: Kudor Attila, társelnök, Okos Jövő Innovációs Klaszter

Storage, as the key of implementing renewable into a system

Lecturer: Luczay Péter, nagykereskedelmi- és virtuális erőmű irányítási igazgató, ALTEO Nyrt.

The present and future of electricity supply in Hungary and all across Europe

  • Energies
  • Charging
  • Productibility
  • Utilization
  • European overview
  • Look-out on 2030
  • The evaluation of  recent past and the present for the sake of domestic electricity supply’s safety

Lecturer: dr. Stróbl Alajos, főmérnök, Pöyry-Erőterv Zrt.

15.40 Coffee break

The systematic effect of decentralized energy production; HMKE spread vs. distribution system challenges

  • Regulation centers’ future, small plants
  • The systematic regulation market’s current situation, its market participants
  • Possible short-term market changes
  • Questions regarding renewable plants
  • Examination of regulation centers’ role in a mid-term

Lecturer: Deme Roland, kereskedelmi és vevőkapcsolati vezető, E.ON Energiatermelő Kft.

District heat and Winter Package, and the establishment of a united district heat system, the concept of a chimney free downtown.

  • Present of Budapest’s district heat supply according the numbers
  • Characteristics of heat district supply of major European cities
  • The main challenges of Budapest district heat
  • The establishment of the Budapest heat-cooperation system
  • Making the heat production portfolio greener
  • Broadening of district heat market, the concept of a chimney free downtown
  • Indicators, financing questions
  • Possibility of a long-distant nuclear heat supply

Lecturer: Orbán Tibor, műszaki vezérigazgató-helyettes, Budapesti Távhőszolgáltató Zrt.

17.00 End of conference